• Paradigm Shift in Mental Health Treatments

    by DARBY
    on Aug 31st, 2017

Paradigm shifts are happening all the time in medicine. Where once lobotomies were considered the effective way to handle mental illness  it is now considered barbaric. In the twentieth century, we became more and more dependent on medication to take away the debilitating affects of depression.

These medications go throughout our entire brain and body in a non-specific way. We cannot be sure that the medication will even get to the part of the brain that is underactive and needs stimulation. 20th Century medical approach was to primarily use medication. It helped but was not perfect. Side effects are the worst part of medications. Weight gain or lack of sexual interest to name but a few.

More health conscious people want alternatives to invasive, side effct ridden drugs. At last there is a FDA approved, insurance covered, non-invasive treatment for depression.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation specifically tragets the region of the brain with a magnetic pulse. It is effective - far more so than anti-depressants, safe- no side effects as long as you are an appropriate candiate. Fast - no long lag time waiting for the treatment to kick in. Durable- helps patients regin the joy of life. The treatment lasts for five or more years with an occasional booster. 

This paradigm shift is worth investigation. Dr Perera is one of the international thought leaders in the field of TMS. He is the founder and former president of the Clinical TMS Society. He has authored the original TMS Guide lines and has continued his resarch with Columbia University to find more and more applications for this innovative treatment. He exchanges and collaborates with major universities around the world - Oxford and his alma mater Harvard.

You owe it to yourself or a loved one to learn more about TMS. We have 12 locations from Massachucets to Pennsylvannia. We can help!

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