Hypnotherapy targets the subconscious mind to help correct maladaptive thought and behavior patterns.

Numerous health conditions, self-imposed limitations and addictions stem from bad thoughts and behaviors that have been strongly reinforced into the subconscious mind.  This “mental programming” is resistant to change in many individuals. In a relaxed state, a hypnotherapist can guide a patient ready to work through these limitations to begin to break down these difficult-to-reach barriers. Hypnosis can be used alongside other treatment regimens for a synergistic effect in therapy, or can be explored independently for patients motivated to embrace positive change.

Beginning 5,000 years ago, hypnosis is possibly one of the most ancient forms of healing. Used by the ancient Egyptians in the 3rd century BC and by the oracles of ancient Greece, hypnosis adopted scientific foothold in 18th Century Austria and Paris, when used by a physician named Franz Mesmer. Throughout the ages, hypnosis had often been reborn when used by new influential figures and in different contexts.

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