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As international thought leaders, our psychopharmacologists provide skilled expertise a cut above traditional algorithms.

At Contemporary Care, our practitioners function as a unit. Having trained at elite academic institutions such as Harvard, Columbia, Yale, and Dartmouth, our brain bank of specialists provides the highest quality of safe and effective solutions for our patients’ medication management. We regularly give talks, guiding fellow physicians into the latest frontiers of medicine and maintain faculty positions at Columbia University to train the brightest physicians of tomorrow. Our years of experience translate into quick diagnosing and precise prescribing for our patients, with whom we form excellent alliances. Furthermore, because we work as a team, someone is always available to address our patients’ concerns and no questions are left unexplored.

Medication that intentionally or unintentionally impact mood, cognition and neurology, critically requires regular re-evaluation to ensure proper balance is maintained. With a thorough understanding of pharmacokinetics (what the body does to medication) and pharmacodynamics (what the medications do to the body), our psychopharmacologists evaluate whether current medications are still the best selection for the patient, whether they are providing the best possible outcome, how they are interacting with other medications or a patient’s unique body composition. Ultimately, providers weigh the pros and cons between staying on a current regimen, changing medical dosage or switching to another regimen. Finally, they will report potential reactions to be aware of as well as the expected trajectory of the planned treatment.

Psychopharmacologic management requires a careful investigation at every stage; more so in psychiatry, medications respond and react differently with each individual. Furthermore, a proper reaction cannot be determined for a minimum of 6 weeks. Through genetic testing, we choose medications that are best tailored to a patient.

Contemporary Care offers medication management through our expert psychopharmacologists in Connecticut at our Danbury or Greenwich locations, or in New York at our Manhasset or Manhattan Locations.

Please note, through our satellite offices, we collaborate with other expert psychopharmacologists, including Dr. Eric Hollander in Manhattan, NY Dr. Jeremy Coplan in Manhasset, NY, Dr. Mulchand Chugh in Plainview, NY, Dr. Mark Waynik in Fairfield, CT, Dr. David Aversa in Hamden, CT and Dr. Usman Qayyum in Ludlow, MA.

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